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You’ve Arrived  Enter our attraction along a dark, winding, dirt road, surrounded by haunted woods. If you are brave, roll down your windows to take in the night’s stale air… but Beware!  From the moment you arrive on Kersey Valley property you are fair game to each and every haunted creature residing here. *Leave all personal items locked safely in your car. Cell phones, bags and purses are not allowed through the show. Midway Scare Zone Welcome to the twisted, foggy, 1880s town of Kersey Valley; populated with the roaming spirits of gun slinging zombies, demented saloon girls, cracked magicians and much more haunted entertainment! Find refreshment and souvenirs in one of our many shops lining our midway.  Grab your Kersey Valley souvenir drink cup at Tumble Weeds*, located right next to our state-of- the-art restroom facilities, where you can calm your nerves before stepping up to get in line for the haunted house!   Satisfy your sweet tooth with a nibble of fudge or take it home by the pound from our fudge shop, The Fudge Packer*!  Don’t forget your Spookywoods’ gear!  You can get anything from Spookywoods’ t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts to key chains, and other horror memorabilia at our gift shop, Gotcha Covered.    Grab a ghoul and say “CHEESE!” at one of our many photo ops located throughout the midway/queue line area.  Don’t forget to always tag #Spookywoods ! YOUR TICKET INCLUDES Reliving the Past; Facing the Present;  Revealing the Future Geister Haus This 1930s farm house is shrouded in legend and ghost stories.  Since opening our doors in 1985, there have been many strange occurrences in this little unassuming home.  This 2014 season, it’s not who waits, but what waits within the walls. The house is POSSESSED. Come inside as the house lurches to life, breathing and contorting before your eyes.  Watch-out as the walls attack, the rooms seems to shift and disorient you.   No one is safe inside GEISTER HAUS… so, get out while you can. Terror Trams These chariots of death await your arrival, to convey you to your most final destination.  Travel through the cover of darkness, and hold on tight, as the trams take on additional passengers… something crashes around you in the woods.  Creatures from another world… from another time… Fright Lights Creatures “from the sky” have crash-landed in the woods and the small mining community of Gold Hill needs your help to locate the missing miners. Choose your leader, as your group will only receive one light.  Stay together, because you never know where they wait within the woods. Curse of Kersey Krow: Corn Maze Deep within the corn rests a forgotten spirit.  Once a murderous man of flesh and blood, this cursed soul is forced to roam the earth alone.  Needing a physical form, he possesses a hollow scare crow. He stalks the country side searching for souls to join him in his eternity of damnation.  Find your way through Kersey Krow’s cursed maze. Can you make it out alive or will you become one of his chosen? Cathedral of the Dead: Fire Within Beyond the mouth of a giant stone skull awaits an ancient force unlike any this world has ever known.  Evil has been unleashed and is bursting forth from the depths of the fiery core. At the heart of this castle stirs an ancient beast, long since forgotten by the mortal realm. Are you brave enough to awaken the beast?    Blood Feast This royal Vampiric family resides within the Kersey Valley Burial Ground. Outcasts among their brethren, they withdraw into the festering tombs until nightfall.  Enter their dining hall and join the blood feast. Their hunger is insatiable. Incarna Luna Thrashing and changing BEFORE YOUR EYES this monster, part wolf, part man, breaks loose and ravages the neighborhood.  Chaos ensues, house fires rage, but this beast still remains.   The Deep Beneath the deepest segment of the ocean, a cave system serpentines through the darkness.  Find your way through the abyss, as creatures from the deep attack and feed. Pirate treasure and curses abound, through the ship wreck you’ll find the malevolent Pirate King bent on torturing the souls of the lost.  Kersey Valley Asylum A once renowned mental hospital, Kersey Valley Asylum has fallen to ruin.  Still in operation, this hospital is host to Dr. William S. Archer who performs grotesque, physical and psychological, experiments on his patients.  Tormented and lost, the patients wander the corridors and strike out at anything or anyone they come across.  All who enter will be subjected to Dr. Archer’s Psychological experiments and you’ll be lucky to escape his physical tortures as well.  Infected: THE APOCALYPSE The year is 2540; the earth is scorched and barren; a virus has wiped out 80% of the human population.  The Infected have cornered a surviving gang of humans in the out skirts of the city.  Join in this apocalyptic battle for life, or become one of the INFECTED.  
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