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Waiting in line is where the party is at! Now with even more lights, fog, bubbles, and foam.  Party in Club Spooky under the catwalk as DJ Dustin mixes up the most popular tunes high above the crowd in the crows nest.

All these attractions below are included in your Spooky Woods ticket. Attractions are back-to-back, so once you begin you continue through all of them before exiting back into our midway. Assuming something doesn’t catch you first.

Creature Seeker Shootout

  • Will you survive?
  • The mutant corn field was fed by some unknown fertilizer and has grown to 14 ft. tall! Find your way through the deadly fog with your team of adventurers, each with your own high tech laser weapon. Keep your aim tight and shoot everything that is blinking green while trying to avoid getting too close to the infected creatures or you will not survive to the end.

Boiler Room

  • Can you stand the heat?
  • Deep in the belly of the prison there are boilers that have seen better days. It appears that bodies have been used to fuel the fires in this insane institution.

Monster Makers Studio
  • Discover the monsters
  • Enter into the studio of Martin Maxwell.  Uncover the shocking truth behind why Martin’s monsters look so real.

The Haunted Manor
  • Play the poltergeists' games
  • Enter the Victorian home once owned by a pair of eccentric collectors. Wander through their estate and discover oddities and objects were not the only precious things they collected. Awaken the poltergeists that remained behind in the home. Tour the grounds and stroll through the family graveyard that is overgrown, but not quiet at all.

Kersey Valley Prison
  • Locked up with the criminally insane
  • A once renowned mental hospital has fallen to ruin. It’s now home to some of the most dangerous criminals awaiting execution. Don’t get trapped as the prison is overrun with escaped inmates. Watch out or the guards may mistake you for an inmate.

Slaughter House
  • What's for dinner?
  • The secret ingredient to the QNU is revealed. Find your way through the cooler and avoid the grinder before you become the next weekday special.

Terror Trams
Terror Trams
  • Escape the shadows
  • Careful as you ride deep into the world of shadows on a truly dark ride. Shadows are known to try and hitch a ride.

The Morgue
  • Make it out alive
  • Enter into the sales room of the mortuary where the smell of flowers is calming, but the sense of foul play overcomes you. The seedy looking mortician takes customer service very personal.

Prison Break
  • Follow the rules
  • Keep your head down and move in an orderly fashion if you hope to escape intact. The guards are on the lookout and have orders to shoot on site. Trust no one, the prisoners are escaping and they will use you to get away.

The Lab
  • That shriek might not be human
  • Creature containment is the objective as the scientists assemble the parts of their next project.

Thunder Frights
  • Survive the storm
  • A storm is approaching and it’s stirred up the creatures of the night. Each group is issued one flash light to take on your journey into the darkest part of Kersey Valley. Stay close, as you find out who or what’s got your back.

Phantom Castle
  • Evade bloodthirsty creatures
  • A dark castle covered in webs and shrouded in fog is yours to explore. Vampire vixens with monstrous faces and fitting appetites lurk into the cracks of the massive structure.

QNU Diner
  • Just a little bite
  • Bring all your friends for a meal in the recently reopened diner. The best BBQ around these parts.

Kersey Valley Spooky Woods

1615 Kersey Valley Rd Archdale, NC 27263