Enter our attraction along a dark, winding, dirt road, surrounded by haunted woods. If you are brave, roll down your windows to take in the night’s stale air… but Beware! From the moment you arrive on Kersey Valley property you are fair game to each and every haunted creature residing here. You will encounter special effects of light, sound, smell, dense atmosphere, air pressure and may come in contact with liquid substances. Leave your best pair of sneaks at home, but bring an extra pair of undies!

This Attractions are Included in your Ticket

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Enter into the awaiting area and prepare to party to your favorite tunes as our DJ spins his incredible remixes. The massive catwalk over head is where you can participate in Shake The Dead Dance Offs, ScaryOkie, Lip Sync Battles to the Death and even Beat the DJ in Black Jack. If you win your entire group gets VIP upgrades. The latest in special effects lighting, jet fog machines and 4K TV’s with interactive trivia, movies and disturbing content to set the mood.

Trick or Treat House

Enter the Kersey’s farm house that is all decorated for Halloween. Be their guests as you explore how they celebrate the season. They take their traditions to the dying end.

Terror Trams

Careful as you ride deep into the world of shadows on a truly dark ride. Shadows are known to try and hitch a ride.

The Lost Kingdom

Ancient stone structure surrounded with vines and covered in moss feels like a set out of Indiana Jones. Watch out for booby traps and moving and spinning rooms.

Tunnel Back to Reality

Traverse the 100 ft massive green tunnel with incredible laser effects back to the midway, watch your back as you never know what creatures followed you out of the woods.

The Origins of Kersey Crow

The mutant corn field is fed by some unknown fertilizer has grown to 14ft tall! Find your way through the deadly fog single file as you feel your way through the blinding fog. Careful as the creatures blend in perfectly and you will bump into them.

The Redrum Estates B&B

BInvestigate the mystery of the local kidnappings that have gone unsolved for years. The authorities suspect the deranged family that operate the B&B are involved.

Cavern Of The Resurrected

Amazing rock formations created by water falls make a great home for bats and the un-dead.

The Grand Enigma Hotel

Tour the mysterious hotel where Madam Le Blanc’s séance has gone terribly wrong. Grab a flashlight and find your way through as the power is out.

Caretakers Shed

Barrels of acid and tools with blood lead you to believe this area was used to dissolve the bodies of the victims. What kind of caretaker needs a respirator and protective rubber gloves, something smells dead here.

Stone Gate Necropolis

Inside the necropolis the pathways are narrow lined with decorative stone, urns, stone flower planters. The spirits of this beautiful final resting place are shape shifters and blend into the surroundings.

Phantom Castle

A dark castle covered in webs and shrouded in fog is yours to explore. Vampires, vixens with monstrous faces and fitting appetites lurk into the cracks of the massive structure.

Marsh Cove

A dark and damp cave is the perfect place to hide if you are monster.

Willows Bog

Follow the twisting turning bridge through the willows over the bog. Voodoo rituals are known to take place in this foreboding part of the woods.

Stone Cave

Claustrophobia is a good term to describe this dark overgrown cave known to have been a hiding place for zombies and plants with a mind of their own.

QNU Diner

Bring all your friends for a meal in the recently reopened diner. The best BBQ around these parts even if the health department rating is a D.

Slaughter House of Horrors

The secret ingredient to the QNU is revealed. Find your way through the cooler and avoid the grinder before you become the next weekday special. All kinds of meats make the menu, funny how Bob tastes like chicken.

Palace of Wax

This closed down wax works has an unfortunate dark history. They left some of the characters behind for your enjoyment.