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We had an amazing time!

Totally awesome experience! The insane asylum was the best and the corn maze was pretty good it went on forever and you just didn’t know but every bit of it was awesome. I would suggest this to anyone because it sure beats Charlotte and anything they have or Mooresville. They had major special effects and the kids just totally dug it. Well worth The $30. You spent 30 minutes going through there pretty fast because it was creepy enough to make a move that fast. It even freaked me out as a parent. The chainsaws and being cornered feeling the heat off of the chainsaws was an awesome deal it felt like you’re getting ready to get cut. They did a fabulous job.!!! So worth every penny. The only thing negative which really wasn’t negative was trying to get out of the parking lot because they parked you too tight. You had to wait for the other persons in front of you to get out but well worth it!

– Alyce Leonard. • Google
Very impressed

My husband and I were very impressed with how smooth our experience was tonight after arriving with the new protocol. We didn’t have to wait long in the car until we got the text they were ready for us. There was a short wait after entering and there were lots of cool new things from last year. We come every year and are never disappointed. Tony, thanks for another great year!! You guys did an awesome job!

– Ashley Dailey • Google
This place is awesome!

This place is awesome! You can tell that they spent an incredible amount of time and money on getting this place together. From the moving walls to the corn maze to the costumes of all of the staff. We had a wonderful time even with part of the attraction to shut down because of covid-19. The prices are a little steep but it's definitely worth it!

– Jessie Lory • Google
The Spookiest

Top rated haunt for a reason! Kersey Valley Spookywoods breaks the mold on your typical haunted attraction by offering the best in every aspect. From their makeup and creature designs, fabricated scenes and props, custom music and ambiance, and most important their grounds staff and actors, you'd be hard pressed to find another location near the level of talent and energy Kersey Valley provides! And you must try their Apple Cider Doughnuts!

– Daniel B. • TripAdvisor
Awesome place!

Great experience! The set design was awesome, and there were plenty of scares! The actors did a fantastic job, and there were a large variety of "scenes" to walk through. I bought the VIP tickets, and I think the extra cash is worth it not to wait in the long line. Awesome place!

– Joe Dufour • Google

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