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Spookywoods After Covid-19

The entertainment business was brought to its knees when COVID-19 spread across the globe.  Kersey Valley management team comprised a safety plan that passed the NC Health Department’s strict inspection.  Part of that plan was a virtual queue line procedure to keep groups separated.   We shared that plan with all the haunted attraction owners to…

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Get All the Behind-the-Scenes Deets Is Halloween your favorite time of year?Are you a big fan of Spookywoods and local haunts? Then we’ve got a treat for you! If you know anything about Kersey Valley Spookywoods, then you know we spare no expense on the scare. We continually look for opportunities to be innovative, new,…

Create Your Own Haunted Experience at Spookywoods

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Choose Your Haunt Today! Buy Online and Skip the Ticket Line Unlike other haunted attractions where each guest gets the same generic experience, at Spookywoods you can customize your fun—or haunt—the way you like it. From your wait experience to your spooky activities, you get to choose. We want you to get to the fun…