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Spookywoods 2019

Building the Kersey Valley Express Spookywoods Train

a green train that is sitting on a table

Behind the Scenes + Stuff You Didn’t Know It All Began with an Idea and a Dream Take a journey with us as you learn the story of building the Kersey Valley Express! As with all great things, it starts with an idea and a dream… a thought tossed around the table until it grows…

Create Your Own Haunted Experience at Spookywoods

a person standing in front of a building

Choose Your Haunt Today! Buy Online and Skip the Ticket Line Unlike other haunted attractions where each guest gets the same generic experience, at Spookywoods you can customize your fun—or haunt—the way you like it. From your wait experience to your spooky activities, you get to choose. We want you to get to the fun…

Spookywoods Adds Kersey Valley Express Haunted Train

a green train that is sitting on a table

Haunted Attraction Opens Friday, September 13th Only Haunted Attraction with a Train in a 350-Mile Radius!Spookywoods fans and newbies are in for a special treat this year. The Kersey Valley Sudden Death Express haunted train ride is the first of its kind in the Triad and the entire state of North Carolina. Our one-third scale,…